Webflow Valuation

$2.1 billion - Jan 13, 2021

About the Webflow valuation

Webflow, a software company that helps businesses build no-code websites, announced that it has raised a $140 million Series B. The round, led by returning investors Accel and Silversmith, comes after the startup raised $72 million in an August 2019 Series A.

The new funding values Webflow at more than $2.1 billion it said in a blog post that TechCrunch viewed before publication. CapitalG, an Alphabet venture capital group, joined the Series B as well, with its investor Laela Sturdy joining the startup’s board.

Valuation source: https://techcrunch.com/2021/01/13/webflow-raises-140m-pushing-its-valuation-to-2-1-billion/

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